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Globally accessible public key infrastructure for everyone
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Torus' key management solutions are supported by the Torus Network - a secure set of nodes run by large ecosystem stakeholders.

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Torus V2 - Building the foundation for decentralized public key management infrastructure.

Andrew keys
Managing Partner @ DARMA Capital

This team is unbelievably sharp and their product is the next step in Web3 UX.

Code monkey
@ Augur

It is awesome with Torus. Users can get started with just their Gmail account. That means we can bypass all the blockchain jargon and make a much simpler experience.

tomohiro nakamura
CTO @ Startbahn

Torus is exactly what we are looking for, a great bridge between web 2.0 and 3.0.

michael arnold
Software Engineer @ My Crypto Heroes

“Most players don’t want to be bothered with private keys and mnemonics. Torus abstracts all this complexity behind a smooth Web2.0 experience, allowing our players to dive straight into the action.”

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Onboard users with a familiar flow.

Integrate your application in just five minutes

With a few lines of code you can have Web2 logins, fiat-to-crypto onramps and more integrated in your application.

Embed Web2 logins directly in your application

Build for either web or native applications regardless of blockchain. Create user flows that are seamless to your end user.

Safeguard users using threshold key management

Introduce greater security and flexibility to your end-users without compromising on their experience and control over their keys.